The Humble Portrait - Virginia - Paulino

The Humble Portrait - Virginia

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"What inspired your trip to Zambia and South Africa?""Four years ago, at the age of twelve, I heard a message on going into the world and spreading the Gospel. After listening to the message, God really just started to lay missions on my heart, particularly to the country of Africa. Over time, this idea grew into something that I really felt God was calling me to do. One of the main focuses God was calling me towards was children's ministry. I've always had a huge heart for children, which I think probably came from growing up as the oldest on both sides of my family. I've always been around younger children. When I went to Romania two summers ago and got to play with the village children, it kind of just completely reinforced my desire to go to Africa to show God's love to the children there. The feeling you get when a bunch of little kids run up to you, laughing with a huge grin on their face, and grab your hand, is an experience that is completely unforgettable. That is the main reason I chose this trip, because I get to play with the kids the whole time and show them Jesus' love. I can't think of a better way to spend my summer."