The Humble Portrait - Virginia - Paulino

The Humble Portrait - Virginia

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Q: "What inspires you? What inspired this piece/idea?"

A: Kenneth, I think what inspires me is that point where human intuitiveness is brought to life by Divine inspiration, represented by the point of light in the composition. Design has always fascinated me for this reason.

This particular work began as I was asked to create a mural that would draw people into the alley space where a really great little beauty salon was. The owner loves flowers and was drawn to a photograph I had of the "Springhill Road Hollyhocks." These flowers escaped from a garden long ago and continue to bless the community where they come back every year on the street corner.

A gas station has replaced the house where they were first planted, but since they were first planted by my young colleague's great-grandmother, they have come to represent generations past blessing generations to come. In that spirit they have been carried forward to create a work that hopefully is a blessing to people in a new place as well.